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SuperMegaMonkey: Marvel Chronology (4) This year saw the formative stories of most of the classic Marvel characters. Nearly every issue of Spider-Man introduced a new villain that would remain A-List for decades. The Avengers and the X-Men both formed this year. Dr. Strange starts getting published at this time in Strange Tales, even though according to Marvel: The Lost Generation his early stories actually took place earlier.

These characters evolve. The Sub-Mariner searches for, and eventually finds, his lost kingdom and takes control of it. Ant-Man becomes Giant Man. Iron Man's armor starts off clunky and grey and winds up looking generally the way we think of it.

There are some nice continuity inserts during this period. Kurt Busiek's Amazing Fantasy and Untold Tales of Spider-Man add some much appreciated character development (and just some fun stories) to Spidey. He also gives Pepper Potts (and Tony Stark) some depth in the Iron Age. Roger Stern provides an early Avengers fight against Dr. Doom. Inner Demons provides a human perspective on the Sub-Mariner. And John Byrne adds a little back-story to Namor's origin in the reprint of Fantastic Four annual #1.

Creator notes: Stan Lee writes nearly every story here and Jack Kirby and Steve Dikto illustrate just about everything, except Iron Man (Don Heck) and the occasional fill-in.
Notable events: We have the first Marvel Silver Age crossover with the Hulk appearing in Fantastic Four #12. This is followed with the FF's appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #1, and then an Ant-Man appearance in Fantastic Four #16. We also start to see villains moving between books, as Dr. Doom shows up in Amazing Spider-Man #5, and the Human Torch fights the Sandman in Strange Tales #115.
New characters: Iron Man, Wasp, Chameleon, Tinkerer, Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Lizard, Professor X, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Angel, Beast, Iceman, Magneto, Crimson Dynamo, Tyrannus, Odin, Loki, Impossible Man, Chameleon, J. Jonah Jameson, Red Ghost, Uatu the Watcher, Radioactive Man, Happy Hogan, Pepper Potts, Super-Skrull, Plantman, Rama-Tut, Cobra, Melter, Vanisher, Molecule Man, Hate Monger, Mr. Hyde

Journey Into Mystery #85-921st Asgardians (Loki, Odin, etc) in modern age. 1st Zarrko the Tomorrow Man

Strange Tales #104 (Human Torch)1st Paste Pot Pete

Hulk #51st Tyrannus

Tales To Astonish #39 (Ant-Man)1st Scarlet Beetle

Strange Tales #105 (Human Torch)

Tales To Astonish #40 (Ant-Man)

Fantastic Four #111st Impossible Man

Strange Tales #106 (Human Torch)

Uncanny X-Men #38-43 (origins)

X-Men Origins: Iceman #1Uncanny X-Men #44-46 (origins)

Uncanny X-Men #49-56 (origins)

Fantastic Four #121st Silver Age crossover: the FF meets the Hulk!

Hulk #6

Tales Of Suspense #391st Iron Man

Amazing Fantasy #16-18

Amazing Spider-Man #11st Chameleon

Cable #-1

Tales To Astonish #41 (Ant-Man)

Strange Tales #108 (Human Torch)

Fantastic Four #131st Red Ghost. 1st Watcher in modern age

Wolverine/Cable: Guts and Glory

Tales To Astonish #42 (Ant-Man)

Tales Of Suspense #40 (Iron Man)

Amazing Spider-Man #21st Vulture & Tinkerer

Fantastic Four #14

Tales To Astonish #43 (Ant-Man)

Tales Of Suspense #41 (Iron Man)

Journey Into Mystery #931st Radioactive Man

Strange Tales #109 (Human Torch)

Strange Tales #116 (Dr. Strange)

Strange Tales #110 (Human Torch)

Fantastic Four #151st Mad Thinker & Awesome Android

Tales Of Suspense #42 (Iron Man)

Tales To Astonish #44 (Ant-Man)1st Wasp

Amazing Spider-Man #31st Dr. Octopus

Strange Tales #111 (Human Torch)

Tales Of Suspense #43

Tales To Astonish #45 (Ant-Man/Wasp)

Fantastic Four #16

Fantastic Four #17

Tales Of Suspense #44 (Iron Man)

Tales To Astonish #46 (Ant-Man/Wasp)

Amazing Spider-Man #41st Sandman

Journey Into Mystery #94-96

Fantastic Four #181st Super-Skrull

Strange Tales #112 (Human Torch)1st Eel

Strange Tales annual #2 (Human Torch)

Inner Demons

Fantastic Four annual #1Sub-Mariner finds Atlantis

Avengers #1Formation of the Avengers

Uncanny X-Men #11st X-Men (Professor X, Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl). 1st Magneto

Iron Man: The Iron Age #1

Tales Of Suspense #451st Happy Hogan, Pepper Potts, Blizzard

Tales To Astonish #47 (Ant-Man/Wasp)

Amazing Spider-Man #51st villain cross-pollination: Dr. Doom vs. Spider-Man!

Journey Into Mystery #97

Tales Of Suspense #461st Crimson Dynamo

Strange Tales #113 (Human Torch)1st Plantman

Fantastic Four #191st Rama-Tut (Kang)

Tales To Astonish #48 (Ant-Man/Wasp)1st Porcupine

Marvel Comics Presents #58 (Iron Man)

Amazing Spider-Man #61st Lizard

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #11st Scorcher

Strange Tales #117 (Dr. Strange)

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #21st Batwing

Journey Into Mystery #981st Cobra

Tales Of Suspense #471st Melter

Strange Tales #114 (Human Torch)

Uncanny X-Men #21st Vanisher

Fantastic Four #201st Molecule Man

Tales To Astonish #49 (Giant-Man/Wasp)Henry Pym becomes Giant-Man

Avengers #1.5

Strange Tales #115 (Human Torch)

Avengers #21st Space Phantom

Fantastic Four #211st Hate-Monger. 1st Nick Fury in modern age.

Tales Of Suspense #48Iron Man creates his classic suit

Amazing Spider-Man #7

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #3

Journey Into Mystery #99-1001st Mr. Hyde

Strange Tales #118 (Dr. Strange)

Tales To Astonish #50 (Giant-Man/Wasp)1st Whirlwind (as Human Top)

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