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What are the most popular My Little Pony Games?

  1. Pony Creator V3
  2. The Fabulous Pony Maker
  3. Pink Tac Toe
  4. Explore Ponyville
  5. Equestria Girls Dress Up
  6. Adventures in Ponyville
  7. Movie Pony Maker
  8. Racing is Magic
  9. Rarity's Wedding Dress Designer
  10. Pinkie Pie Dress Up

What are the best My Little Pony Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Pony Creator V3
  2. The Fabulous Pony Maker
  3. Pink Tac Toe
  4. Explore Ponyville
  5. Equestria Girls Dress Up

How to play My Little Pony Games without Flash?

While the Adobe Flash Player Plugin is no longer supported, you can still access the Flashcontent on NuMuKi. Just download and install our custom NuMuKi Browser App. Then, you'll be able toplay all your favorite My Little Pony Games using the app. That's it!

Welcome to the Magical Land of Ponyville!

Let your fantasy and love for magic to run wild with the My Little Pony Games! Have you ever wanted to live in a different world, one filled with magic, wonder, rainbows, and sparkles? Then join a wonderful group of adorable mythical creatures! My Little Pony is an animated series based on Hasbro's wildly popular franchise with the same name. The show has premiered on October 10, 2010, on Hasbro's The Hub channel and has been running ever since! Therefore, this might explain why the show's popularity is huge. Moreover, people of all ages have started watching it over the years, enjoying its optimism and beautiful design.

The series tells the story of a magical kingdom called Equestria, ruled by the beautiful Princess Celestia. The main character is the unicorn pony named Twilight Sparkle, a student of Celestia and aspiring princess. Twilight is a student who receives a difficult task. She needs to learn about friendship in the city of Ponyville. Don't worry! This tiny unicorn is not alone! She is accompanied by Spike, her small baby dragon and assistant. There, she encounters many unique ponies, including action-loving Rainbow Dash, glamorous Rarity, hard-working Applejack, timid Fluttershy, and hyperactive Pinkie Pie. Together, they will learn about the magic of friendship and face all sorts of challenges. What is more, you can design your very own character to accompany the ponies in their adventures! Play the MLP Pony Creator game and let your creativity run wild!

Meet the fabulous members of the Mane Six

Twilight Sparkle is the main protagonist of this show. This courageous pony faces all sorts of challenges on the road to growing up and becoming worthy of the title of princess. Luckily, she loves studying and has an exceptional talent for magic. Naturally, she stands out because of her beautiful unicorn horn and lovely light violet color. Help her get over a boring day at work by playing the MLP News Room game, or join her on other whimsical adventures by playing one of the games from the My Little Pony Games category!

Who doesn't love true southern belle? Applejack, the strong Earth pony, is just that! This down-to-earth and dependable friend comes from a large family and is used to hard work. However, this orange-beauty always puts her friends first and values honesty above everything.

Rainbow Dash is truly a sight to see, with her multicolored mane and tail. She stands out because of her boldness and loyalty. However, she can also be mischievous and proud, so watch out!

Pinkie Pie is the comical relief of the group. Who can keep their composure when this energetic pink pony flies into the room? This funny character loves singing and playing pranks, but she can be air-headed at times.

Naturally, every group needs to have a calming element. Fluttershy, the stunning yellow pegasus with a pink mane and tail, is just that. She is very quiet and shy, but her kindness shines through every time. Animals are Fluttershy's greatest love and weakness.

Rarity is the most glamorous member of the group. Her brilliant white body and purple mane make her outshine any pony! Even if sometimes she feels the need to steal the spotlight, her generosity redeems her every time.

Have thrilling Adventures with the My Little Pony Games

Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity make up a killer team. Also, they have chosen an awesome name: The Mane Six. This unbeatable team races through all the corners of Equestria. This beautiful land might seem heavenly, with its cotton candy clouds and rainbows. However, the group encounters many challenges along the way. Is their friendship strong enough to pass the test? Only time will tell, as sometimes they have to go on epic quests to help Celestia. For instance, you can lend them a helping hand by playing the MLP Key Crusaders game. Ultimately, each one of their adventures has a secret final goal. The six friends need to learn valuable lessons about friendship, and they can only do so together.

Do you want to join your magical friends to a unique universe where everything is possible? Then you need to brush up on your magic, kindness, loyalty, and joyfulness! Luckily, there is an easy way to do so. Play the My Little Pony Games and accompany the six ponies on their journey to self-discovery! Jump right in, as the glitter, flowers, and rainbows of Ponyville are waiting for you!

There are currently 76 free online My Little Pony games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - 30.

My Little Pony Games | Play Online for Free | NuMuKi (2024)
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