Is There A Costco On Maui (2024)

The Maui Costco is near the airport in Kahului so its a good place to stop off and stock up on essentials as soon as you arrive on Maui. Find quality brand-name products at warehouse prices.

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On our last day driving back to the airport we stop again and I buy a multipack of chocolate macadamia nuts for gifts.

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Is there a costco on maui. Yes theres the Queen Kaahumanu Center Maui Mall Whalers Village Rainbow Mall and the Outlets of Maui. Maui has a single Costco that is located in the city of Kahului. Costco hotel options in Hawaii include some top-notch places like.

Id consider it the main Costco in Hawaii. This is one of the largest locations they have the most stuff and the newest stuff. Its conveniently close to the Honolulu airport.

This can be incredibly convenient for. Whether flying into OGG Kona or Kauai theres always a Costco near the airport and one of their gas stations available during the trip or upon return. Answer 1 of 15.

There is a Costco gas station at the one outside Kona. Is there a Costco on Maui. There are also Costco locations on the Big Island and Maui.

The Maui location is at 540 Haleakala Highway in Kahalui. Is there a Sams Club. Answer 1 of 11.

Safeway has four large 24-hour Maui grocery stores. However we always stop at Costco on the way in and buy beer a large bag of Maui potato chips fresh pineapple and a ready to bake pizza for the first night. There are also over 180 Maui restaurants reviewed on this website.

We love a good hotel in Hawaii but sometimes a vacation rental is a better fit especially when youre traveling with kids. In the case of our recent trip to Maui Costco did not disappoint and was our first stop after leaving the airport. At the first major intersection look for the red stripe along the building on your left at Diary Road.

Many Maui visitors like to swing by the Maui Costco right after they get off the plane. One Safeway Maui is at the Piilani Shopping Center at 277 Piikea in Kihei. Costco - Maui at 540 Haleakala Hwy in Kahului Hawaii 96732-2302.

Maui Kahului HI Warehouse Costco Shop Costcos Kahului HI location for electronics groceries small appliances and more. From the airport the Costco warehouse is just off Haleakala Highway at the Dairy Road intersection at 540 Haleakala Highway Kahului HI 96732. Sorry did not know that the Costco on Maui has no gas station.

I find the Costco in Maui is a must and hit it right after we land because it is right across the street. Costco Maui has the cheapest groceries on the island by far. Quite close to the Kona Airport.

The island of Maui only has one Costco. Heres a link to info on Maui grocery stores. It is located in the city of Kahului not far from the Kahului Airport and close to the northern shore of the island.

Yes and its right by the airport. Even if you want snacks for your hotel room like chips and salsa beer wine and dips then go to Maui Costco as it will be significantly cheaper than a local supermarket. There are three major grocery store chains in Maui plus Costco Whole Foods and a couple smaller chains.

It is quite close to the Kahului Airport which makes it convenient for visitors that rent a car at the airport and need to stock up on supplies. There are usually just 4 of us traveling and most of our meals are eaten out. I load up on co*cktail material beers muffinsgranolasnackschickenfish.

My go-to Costco location is Costco Iwilei in Honolulu Oahu. Store location hours services holiday hours map driving directions and more. We have a Sams membership and my in laws have a Costco membership- so whatever one doesnt carry the other may and we just buy for the other.

Costco on Oahu Big Island and Maui. On Tripadvisors Maui travel forum travellers are asking questions and offering advice on topics like Is there a Costco on Maui and if so where is it. The Maui Costco carries many items specific to Hawaii such as Aloha shirts and books about Hawaii travel that you wont find at mainland Costco stores.

We recommend making this your first stop after you land. Things cost about 10 more than at other Costcos which is not bad considering youre on an island. If you are staying more than 5-days in your condo it is worth your time to shop at Costco.

Costco offers the ability to book at both hotels and vacation rentals giving you some great choices. I was thinking of borrowing my mother in laws card while on the island but.

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