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In May 1942, Josef Jan Michnia was born in Waldbrücken/Silesia. At the age of six, he started painting and he always has a pencil on him. At about the age of 13, Josef Jan Michnia finds his first art teacher. it is Pawel Schoblick a old-established village painter.


Between 1967 and 1972 he was assistent of the artist Marek Jennert. Over the next two years he gets two works on commission. He creates 14 crucifixion pictures for the St. Pius XII church in Blechamer and a Trinity painting for the St. Blasius church in Januschowitz. The Art Prize of the city of Oppel is his first art award.


His decision to immigrate to the Federal Republik of Germany in 1988 was largely due to the wish to develop his own style without external harassement. For the first two years he works as an employee in a design firm. His hard work and euphoric approach do not go unnoticed. This encourages him and he soon dares to take the step to self-employment. First in Rheydt and later in the Waldhausener Strasse in Mönchengladbach, he finds an atelier where, besides his art, he scrapes a living for a few more years as a graphic designer and illustrator.

His works are continually and exclusively exhibited at Art Gallery Giardino in vicinity of Maastricht, Holland.

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